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High Desert Heart Institute heart study and Heart Symposium

Posted by admin On February - 2 - 2011


You asked for it so here it is!! This is the conference call from 1-26-11 in which Bill Styles, Dan Austin and Angelo Cici participated in explaining the Heart Symposium and High Desert Heart Institute heart study. I have had more people ask for this recording than any call we have ever done. Enjoy!



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Dr. Oz and Dr. Mercola talk about L-Arginine

Posted by admin On January - 29 - 2011

<=Click on the photo to the left to watch the video.

Dr. Oz and Dr. Mercola talk about a few things and finally finish up on L-Arginine. Neat experiment to give an example of hardening of the arteries.

Excellent heart patient testimonial

Posted by admin On December - 17 - 2010

Dr. Nick Martinuik’s father, Lorin, gives a brilliant testimonial of ProArgi9 and his heart health experience with his doctors in Canada. Listen to the end when he tells why a Dr. in Canada must be careful. Lorin is a nurse in Canada for a few decades and has been very active in the medical community. Thank you Lorin for sharing.

New JAMA study on Blood Pressure Meds

Posted by admin On September - 1 - 2010

Dr. Joe Prendergast presents some new studies completed and published on blood pressure medications. This is interesting in light of how L-Arginine works to help the cardio vascular system.

How L-Arginine Benefits You

Posted by admin On August - 26 - 2010

L-Arginine, being a protein amino acid, is an essential element for the body’s ability to function and heal. Amino acids are significantly more important to older individuals who commonly have a greater need to increase their natural defenses. L Arginine is manufactured naturally in the body. Never the less certain injuries and/or medical conditions can reduce its production. Lower levels of L Arginine can translate into an inability for your body to function or to heal properly. As you can see, it is to your benefit to have enough in your body in order to feel in top condition.

L-Arginine is an amino acid that aids in the body’s ability to fight off diseases by improving the function of the immune system. The benefits of having an immune system that is working at an optimum level are obvious. You feel better because you spend less time sick. In the case that you sustain an injury, a optimally functioning immune system accelerates the ability that your body had to heal wounds. Victims of major burns or traumatic injuries can greatly benefit from a faster healing time not only so that they can get back to their everyday activities, but also because the less time a wound has to take to heal, the lower the probability is that there will be an opportunity for infection. And infection of a serious wound can be fatal.

But L-Arginine does much more than just ward off the occasional runny nose, studies have shown that it can actually play a role in the treatment of cardiovascular disease. L Arginine allows the body to reduce blood pressure by lowering bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol) level in the body. It also helps in the fight against cardiovascular disease by restoring the production of nitric oxide. Higeher production of nitric oxide allows for enhanced blood flow and enhanced blood flow decreases one of the major symptoms of heart and vessel disease.

L-Arginine stimulates the production of growth hormones, so its natural presence in the body is necessary for small children to grow into adults. Children are not generally recommended to take L Arginine supplements as normally they simply have no need for it. Young bodies generally better equipped with these health beneficial properties that many adults begin to experience deficits of as they age. The fact that L-Arginine is something that the body already has, provides some solace to those who may be hesitant to take a supplement whose origins are less than natural.

The stimulant abilities of L Arginine are very appealing to men for a number of reasons. One reason is that a sufficient level of L Arginine in the body, increases the body’s ability to produce lean muscle mass. Another benefit is that it is believed to help in impotence and fertility problems in men. Although these studies are ongoing, the ability that L Arginine has to restore production of nitric oxide and the blood flow improvements that are seen (click below for remainder of article)

via How L-Arginine Benefits You.

Vitamin D and Pregnant Women

Posted by admin On August - 14 - 2010

New research with pregnant women using vitamin D. If you want to purchase your own vitamin D spray go to to get the best price and best product.

New Heart Research Article from Dr. Mercola

Posted by admin On August - 13 - 2010

You will find this link useful in research of heart disease and the natural fix, as Dr. Mercola calls it. This article has lots of research links to back up the statements.

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Vitamin D and disease research

Posted by admin On August - 12 - 2010

This is a video with many graphs from studies on Vitamin D research. Lots of interesting information that make it apparent that we need much more vitamin D. Do you want to have a vitamin D spray that is proven to work best? Then go to . Also it is important to note that ProArgi9 Plus has 2,500 IU’s in each dosage/scoop.

Dr. Joe on Vitamin D – NEW!

Posted by admin On August - 8 - 2010

Dr. Joe Prendergast talks about the benefits of Vitamin D and some studies. If you want to pick up your own Vitamin D please go to .

This was the conference call we had on May 26, 2010 with Dr. Nick Martinuik from Canada and one of his patients and past school mates Randy Sawatzky. I have had many requests for this call as it was an excellent introduction to the product and testimonial by a type 1 diabetic. Please email this to your friends so they can learn more.