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Eric Glenn

Network Marketing Professional

This saved my daughters finger nails from falling off!

Posted by admin On May - 26 - 2012


My daughter Antoinette, only seven years old, has Juvenile Rheumatoid
Arthritis (JRA). Her fingernails were falling off as result and it was very painful for her. We immediately started her on a regimen of one scoop a day of Nutri-Mor. It saved her fingernails and eliminated her pain within 3 days!

This product has done so many things for our family and many others. And now here’s another one. Thanks to the moringa plant.

Now we all take Nutri-Mor every day.

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  1. Karen Hewlett Said,

    Erick this is so important. Johns son has a fungus under his nail that he has had since his mission. We are on it. This summer he is helping us on the ranch so I will see that he gets every day. Thanks for sharing this way. I loved it. See you next week. Karen and John

    Posted on May 29th, 2012 at 10:44 pm

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