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BPro (by HealthStats): A Cardio Pulse Wave Analyzer – science and research

Below are a number of scientific research articles on Cardio Pulse Wave analysis technology. Although it is only a sample of the vast amount of research, it will give you some a good idea of what research is available.

Pulse wave analysis: from the basic sciences to clinical applications

Is there any additional prognostic value of central blood pressure wave forms beyond peripheral blood pressure?

Pulse wave analysis and arterial stiffness.

Noninvasive measurements of central arterial pressure and distensibility by arterial applanation tonometry with a generalized transfer function: implications for nursing.

Arterial stiffness and stroke in hypertension: therapeutic implications for stroke prevention.

Antihypertensive therapy and wave reflections

Analyzing the radial pulse waveform: narrowing the gap between blood pressure and outcomes.

Assessment of outcomes other than systolic and diastolic blood pressure: pulse pressure, arterial stiffness and heart rate.

Systolic blood pressure, pulse pressure and arterial stiffness as cardiovascular risk factors.

Central arterial pressure and arterial pressure pulse: new views entering the second century after Korotkov.

Pulse wave analysis and pulse wave velocity: a review of blood pressure interpretation 100 years after Korotkov.

Mechanical principles. Arterial stiffness and wave reflection.

Arterial pressure waveforms in hypertension.

Pulse wave analysis.

Aortic pulse wave velocity: an independent marker of cardiovascular risk.

Arterial stiffness and cardiovascular outcome.

The indirect assessment of arterial compliance in hypertension patients by tonometric sphygmography

Measurement of pulse wave “augmentation index (AI) “and its clinical application

Arterial stiffness and wave reflection in hypertension: pathophysiologic and therapeutic implications.

Pulse wave analysis in the assessment of patients with left ventricular assist device.

Large-artery stiffness, hypertension and cardiovascular risk in older patients.

Effect of antihypertensive agents on arterial stiffness as evaluated by pulse wave velocity: clinical implications

Mechanisms, pathophysiology, and therapy of arterial stiffness.

Arterial elasticity in cardiovascular disease: focus on hypertension, metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

Pulse Wave Velocity Is an Independent Predictor of the Longitudinal Increase in Systolic Blood Pressure and of Incident Hypertension in the Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging

Noninvasive assessment of arterial stiffness and risk of atherosclerotic events.

Clinical value of the study of stiffness of arterial wall. Part I

Arterial hemodynamics and pulse wave propagation

Arterial compliance (stiffness) as a marker of subclinical atherosclerosis

Arterial stiffness in diabetes and the metabolic syndrome: a pathway to cardiovascular disease.

Influence of arterial pulse and reflected waves on blood pressure and cardiac function.

Clinical measurement of arterial stiffness obtained from noninvasive pressure waveforms.

Effects of arterial stiffness, pulse wave velocity, and wave reflections on the central aortic pressure waveform.

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