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L-Arginine dosage information

Posted by admin On January - 28 - 2009

When you decide that you are going to start using any kind of supplement, it is best to first determine how much of that supplement it is safe to use and how much you will need to take in order to have enough of that supplement in your system to do any good. For L-Arginine the minimum mildly effective dose is 3 grams and the highest recommended dose to be consumed in one 24 hour period is 20 grams. You can break up the number of grams that you decide to take and consume the supplement at two different times during the day. However it is recommended that the doses be equal.

Some may see 20 grams as a lot of supplement, and for some this is more than you really need to obtain the effects you are looking for. But there is a reason why this amount is suggested. The intestine and liver are actually full of an enzyme that works to break down L-Arginine. So, when you take your L-Arginine supplement and it passes through the liver and intestine, you are only left with about 40-50 percent of the L-Arginine that you started out with. It is that 40-50 percent that must be sufficient enough to reach the vessels in the rest of the body. Another reason why seemingly so much L-Arginine is suggested is because L-Arginine has several functions and is used to make a number if substances in the body (i.e. the neurotransmitter agmatine). Those who have vascular disease have yet another reason for wanting to take the higher levels of L-Arginine. People with vascular disease often times have high levels of ADMA. High levels of ADMA interfere with the production of nitric oxide (the key role of L-Arginine). These high levels can be reduced with L-Arginine but the higher dosage must be sufficient to not only lower ADMA levels, but also to provide the nitric oxide production benefits.

It is interesting to note that most people consume between 1-2 grams of L-Arginine on a daily basis through the foods that they eat. Those who consume more red meat are on the higher end of the L-Arginine consumption side. Ideally, it is best to consume as much L-Arginine as possible from the foods that you eat (eating red meat in moderation) and then supplement where you are lacking with a pill or powder form of L-Arginine. Low doses of L-Arginine (3 grams for some people or less for most others) may not have the effects that you are looking for as amounts that are too low will yield negligible change. In other words, if you are committed to taking an L-Arginine supplement, it will work best if you can take as much L-Arginine (up to 9 grams, 20 grams if it is the right type and quality) as your system can handle.

L-Arginine is interesting in that it does make a difference what time of the day you choose to take your supplement. L-Arginine should be taken just before going to bed. If you are splitting your doses then your second dose should be taken in the morning. The reason for wanting to take your L-Arginine supplement before bed is because body movement stimulates the production of nitric oxide during the day. When we are asleep, that production is much lower. It is our vascular endothelial cells that produce only minimal amounts of nitric oxide as we sleep. This is why most heart attacks occur either at night or during the early morning hours.

For some it is difficult to find the motivation to set aside the time at the end of a busy day to make sure to take your supplements. This is why a supplement system that incorporates all your needed supplements into an easy to remember system of products is such a convenient alternative.


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