Friday, May 24, 2019
Eric Glenn - Network Marketing Professional

Eric Glenn

Network Marketing Professional

Watch “Heart To Heart – A Message From Mark Comer”

Mark Comer, Double Presidential, shows you how to build your Synergy business in the summer!
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Dietary Supplement Quality

Dietary supplements are important, we all know this. More than half of American adults use a dietary supplement daily. Dietary supplements are essential to keep us in good health when our diet is lacking in our “have it now” society. This is what we’re told, but what is the truth behind the dietary supplement industry? For the last four years one in two, that’s 50%, of inspections done by the FDA have shown major manufacturing practice violations for supplements. That means one day you could be using a safe, well- made dietary supplement, but the next day you could literally be taking a supplement that wouldn’t pass manufacturing regulations. This is the highest rate of non-compliance regulated by the FDA. There have also been more than 84 illegal products found in 2012 that contain dangerous ingredients, such as steroids, stimulants, and hormones.  All of these products could easily be obtained online and in retail stores. Synergy has NSF Certification; this is a true indicator of quality and compliance. This certification was earned in 2010, which demonstrates the company’s commitment to the quality of their products. Don’t you feel better about recommending this supplement to your family and friends?

Fun after our event in Kennewick, WA!

Always have fun coming to Washington to do events with our leadership, Gretchen Millard and Vicki Rockwell.
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Device ‘could revolutionise blood pressure monitoring’

A device which can be worn like a watch could revolutionise the way blood pressure is monitored in the next few years, scientists say. Researchers at the University of Leicester and in Singapore have developed a device to measure pressure in the largest artery in the body. Evidence shows it gives a much more accurate reading than the arm cuff. The technology is funded by the Department of Health and backed by Health Secretary Andrew Lansley. It works by a sensor in the watch recording the pulse wave of the artery, which is then fed into a computer together with a traditional blood pressure reading from a cuff.

Spanish – Arturo Morales, Synergy Team Global Leader

Arturo Morales, Synergy Team Global Leader, explains to us in Spanish why Synergy is the right company with the right product. You will want to send this link to your Spanish speaking friends here in the USA and Mexico so they can learn about and be interested in Synergy Worldwide.

Ferry Fun

On our trip to the MeKong province we had to take a ferry to cross the river. It looked like chaos most of the time the ferry was being loaded and unloaded. Amazing country and people.

Nature’s Sunshine Manufacturing video

Synergy and Nature’s Sunshine produced this video that lets you tour their manufacturing facility which is uses the highest standards in the industry and has won many awards for the best practices of any company in the world. Many of you have toured this facility and now you can share part of that tour and experience with others. And for those who have not experienced the tour, this should get you motivated to come and see it in person as the live tour is much better than even this video! You will also be able to find this video on the site ‘’ under the ‘Vital 3′ tab and under the ‘Purchase Products’ tab.

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